How to Keep Mice Out of Your House This Winter

Mouse in house

Mice are prevalent in winter months. Just like us, they want to keep warm and be fed. However, these creatures are destructive to most building materials. You can keep them from damaging your home with these simple but effective tips.

Mouse Trap with cheese and mouse

1. Mouse Traps

There is a reason that the original mousetrap design sells so well during wintertime — because they work! They're easy to set up and deliver fast results! Mice have a nose for sweet things, so baiting them with peanut butter works the best. Dried cranberries and cheese can also be efficient. Make sure to check the traps daily.


2. Get a Cat

Cats are notorious for catching mice. These nocturnal fluff balls will be poised and ready for any small intruder, provided you train them to encourage the "killer" rather than the "cuddly" instinct. Even if your cat isn't good at being a predator, the smell of cats terrifies mice and will keep them away. So if you can’t afford a cat, consider asking a friend or family member for some cat fur, as the scent alone has been proven to ward off the vermin.

Flashlight on floor

3. Flashing Lights/Sonic Rodent Treatments

While lights may not be a foolproof way of deterring mice, studies have shown flashing lights and loud sounds can steer away critters. To keep your sleep from being interrupted, consider purchasing a sound machine that emits high-pitched noises that humans can't hear, but mice and other rodents don't like.

steel wool

4. Use Steel Wool

Steel wool is cheap and valuable in protecting your home. While mice can chew through almost anything, the rough texture is not pleasant for a mouse. Do yourself a favor and plug any holes in your foundation or home with this material, followed by a thick caulk to seal entryways. Note: Make sure to use eye protection and gloves when handling steel wool.

Mice can be troublesome and cause serious headaches during the wintertime. Choosing the right type of rodent control can reduce this stress and leave you at ease. Knowing what solution is best for your home and family is the key for getting rid of those unwanted guests.